Letter from Student Services

Student Services Update

We know it’s been a quite a unique year and with that comes many challenges. As this school year comes to a close we would ask that all students review their course selections for next year. This can be done by selecting the tab for Course Request under StudentVue. Please remember that these are still simply course requests and the schedules will be created over the summer. Please make sure that any alternate selections (backups) are still what the student wants. If at this time the student wishes to change a selection they should reach out to their school counselor to request any changes. Students no longer have the access to change these selections on their own in StudentVue. Changes will be accommodated on a space available basis only. These changes must be requested to the school counselor by June 17th.

Please understand that all students at Madison, in FCPS and around the country were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic this spring. When considering whether a higher level course or next level of a course is appropriate please consider where the student was in the class on March 12th. Were they doing well at that time or struggling? Please take this time to access where they will be most comfortable and prepared for next year. The best resource for making this determination is the student’s current teacher. Finally, please note that teachers understand that no students will be walking into their classroom having received the full year’s instruction from the previous year and new starting points will be created.

We wish everyone a safe and healthy summer and enthusiastically hope to see all the students back at Madison on August 25th 2020.

Timothy Buckley
Director of Student Services
James Madison High School