Letter from Student Services

Student Services Update

Academic Advising
The school counselors are getting close to finishing up with their individual counseling sessions with their students. By March 6th all current students should have met with their counselor to confirm their course selections for next year. Please refer to ParentVue to view your student’s selections. All selections will be locked by March 13th and no changes will be permitted until May 1st which will allow the school to determine staffing and class numbers for next year. After May 1st students may only make changes based on availability in the course they are seeking. Once the schedules are released on August 20th schedule changes will be very limited and only for necessity.

AP Exam Volunteering
It’s that time of year again.  AP exams will be upon us shortly. We are asking for volunteers for AP Proctoring.  Volunteers do not need to be able to solve AP Calculus questions nor will we ask you to read instructions or be a lead proctor. Parents will assist with distributing and collecting testing materials. This is a great way to see first hand what your children experience, or will experience over the next few years.  Parents can bring non-electronic reading material as we do ask for proctors to commit to four hour blocks if possible.  The link below leads to the proctoring schedule.  Please consider signing up for one or more sessions to help our students. The more volunteers we can obtain the smoother the tests will go for our students.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Alex Gorman at apgorman@fcps.edu

AP Volunteer Proctoring Sign Up

Thank you.

Timothy Buckley
Director of Student Services
James Madison High School