Letter from Student Services

Over the next few months, Madison teachers and counselors will be working with our students to guide them through the academic advising process for the 2019-20 school year. Below you will find a calendar of important dates for you and your student to be aware of.

When it comes to choosing classes, we would like to emphasize that choosing wisely based on all the feedback your student receives is imperative. Our mission at Madison is to ensure that all students have access to a challenging curriculum that still allows time for all other important aspects of their lives. Many of our students are involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities and we would ask that when your student is selecting classes, that they consider all their time commitments – school and otherwise.

We have seen a rise in the number of students who have over extended themselves throughout the school year. Each year, the FCPS budget constraints requires us to have less flexibility with schedule changes after we have completed the academic advising process this spring.  It is very possible that students will not have the ability to change their schedules once they have been once they have been assigned a spot in each of their classes and the 2019-20 academic year begins.

January 24th

  • Course selection sheets were due. If they have not done so yet students should turn their course selection sheets in to their counselor as soon as possible. Please note, this does not finalize their course selections. Courses will be finalized after each student has met with their counselor ono on one over the next few weeks.

January 28th – February 7th

  • Individual Academic Advising meetings rising 12th graders – the school counselors will meet individually with each rising senior through their US/VA History class. This is an essential conversation and all students should be prepared to discuss course options for the upcoming year to make sure they have all their graduation requirements met.

February 13 – February 25th

  • Individual Academic Advising meetings rising 11th graders – the school counselors will meet individually with all rising juniors through their English 10 class. With some requirements such as PE having been met, the juniors have far more options with regards to electives. Rising juniors should choose courses with a tentative plan for senior year in mind, as well. Junior year is important, as it is the last full year of classes that colleges may see before they make admission decisions. Students should challenge themselves but in coursework that they feel they can successfully handle.

February 27 – March 8th

  • Individual Academic Advising meetings rising 10th graders – while the sophomores will not have as many elective options as the upper classmen this is a great opportunity for many of them to discuss their academic plans and goals with their school counselor for the first time. Students will meet with their school counselor through their Biology classes.

March 15th

  • No changes can be made during the March 15 – April 22 time frame as we will be staffing classes as determined by our enrollment numbers. Any change requests made after March 15 will be made on course availability only.

Academic Advising website – https://madisonhs.fcps.edu/student-services/academic-advising. This page is currently still being updated and will be completely updated by January 11th with our current academic advising videos and links.
Policies and procedures – https://insys.fcps.edu/CourseCatOnline/#/intropages/431/nocourselist/0/0/0/1.This page will provide you with a wealth of resources regarding policies on grading systems, online courses, expunging middle school classes, pass/fail and audit options as well as many other resources.

Timothy Buckley
Director of Student Services
James Madison High School