Letter from Student Services

We have successfully opened another school year. We are currently about 2215 students this year with our numbers expected to grow over the next few years. Students by now should be in classes for the remainder of the year. The counselors have been busy working with students the first two weeks of school where we allow changes in schedules. We are now past the point of being able to pick up new classes.

We are very excited with our new Madison Mentors program that has been launched this year. All freshmen have been assigned a trained upper classman as their mentor with whom they will meet at least once a month through their Warhawk Time class.

October 10th will be our annual PSAT day. All 9th – 11th grade students will be taking either the PSAT’s (10th & 11th grade) or the PSAT 8/9 (9th grade). The students will be released two hours early on that day. All 9th and 10th graders will receive their scores automatically. 11th graders must pay a $20 fee to receive their scores. Only 11th grade scores are submitted for National Merit Scholarship consideration. Seniors report to the cafeteria that day for a senior breakfast, class photo and cap & gown measurements.

On October 11th we have the pleasure of hosting a delegation of about 30 students from Korea. This week we will be soliciting volunteers from the Madison student body to host these students for the day. The Korean students would simply shadow the Madison student through all of their classes for the day. Students should reach out to Mr. Buckley directly if they are interested.

On November 16th Madison will host its annual Senior Ethics Day. This will take place at the Vienna Community Center and students will be bussed to and from the Community Center that day. There is no cost for this but permission slips will be heading home soon. This is a mandatory program for seniors

And finally we would like to welcome Vianmarie Milan to our Student Services team as our new Registrar. She comes to Madison with 14 years of FCPS experience at the registrar position.
Timothy Buckley
Director of Student Services
James Madison High School