Letter from Student Services

Student Services Update
It’s hard to believe that we are here already at the end of another school year. As the school year finishes and students head off to summer we hope they are able to spend some time relaxing and revitalizing themselves. The hard part is that we want them to keep busy and productive while not over committing themselves.

The last full day of school is Wednesday June 13th. On June 14th the students have a shortened day and will be released at 10:15. This is a great opportunity for students to confirm their grades and say goodbye to their teachers and counselors. Please see the Madison website for more information regarding the end of the year calendar –https://madisonhs.fcps.edu/announcements/end-year-calendars-sols-ap-exams-final-exam-datestimes. During the week of June 17th – 21st, we will be mailing home final report cards along with an updated transcript for each student. It is important to review your student’s transcript with them for accuracy and for future reference as they may potentially look at schools and colleges over the summer or next year depending on their grade level.

All grades for this year and course selections for next year will become viewable again at 6:00 AM Saturday June 15th. Please review these grades with your students as well as confirm with them their course selections for next year. Counselors will be in the building until Wednesday June 19th. Please request any changes to schedules prior to that date.

Finally, we will leave you with an article written by David Coleman, CEO of College Board. This is a great article for parents of high school students who are beginning to worry about college admissions and what to look for in a college:

Wishing everyone a healthy and restful summer vacation.

Timothy Buckley

Director of Student Services
James Madison High School