PTSA Scholarships and Triple I Awards

The PTSA awarded scholarships to three seniors who exemplify the qualities of service within the school and community. At the convocation ceremony, four applicants were announced to receive a $1000 scholarship for “making a difference.” The PTSA would like to announce the winners of the 2020 JMHS PTSA Make A Difference Scholarship are:
• Emma Canann
• Victoria Heidt
• June Reese

The PTSA also sponsors the Faculty Award.  The Faculty Award is the highest honor that James Madison High School can bestow upon a graduate. It is given to a senior who exhibits outstanding qualities of character, leadership and scholarship and is chosen by the faculty of Madison High School.  This year’s Faculty Award was given to Justin Hu. Justin is a young man who has had a tremendously positive impact not only here at Madison but throughout the world. He has created multiple philanthropies that have raised tens of thousands of dollars to help villages in need in Africa. Justin is always willing to help his fellow students and faculty alike. 

In 2002, a JMHS parent, Maria Coyle, developed a teacher recognition award call the Triple I Award. “Triple I” stands for Innovate-Instruct-Impact and the awards are designed to acknowledge the teachers that have been exceptional educators in the eye of their peers, their students, and the students’ parents. The PTSA would also like to announce the Triple I awardees for 2020 are awarded to the following teachers:  

  • Mr Daniel Blanchet, History & Social Studies Teacher
  • Ms Beth Blankenship, English Teacher
  • Ms Margaret Foarde, Learning Disabilities Teacher
  • Mr Andrew Foos, History & Social Studies Teacher
  • Ms Maria Frantzen, History & Social Studies Teacher
  • Mr Michael Hackbarth, Band Director
  • Ms Joy Korones, English Teacher
  • Mr Marc Lebendig, English Teacher
  • Ms Mary Padget and Ms Heather Allen, Math and Emotional Disabilities Teachers
  • Ms Michaela Wolf, English Teacher