Letter from the Principal

Dear Madison Community,

We are thrilled more than ever to be welcoming you back to the 2020-21 school year. Our faculty is excited to be distance learning with students, building relationships, and moving forward during this unprecedented school year.

Dr. James Lane, Virginia’s Superintendent of Public Instruction helped us kick-off the school year by joining us for our first faculty meeting in August. Dr. Lane shared Virginia’s commitment to Equity, Deeper Learning, Innovation, and encouraged us in our efforts towards these same goals. Dr. Lane also reminded us to focus on the aspects of our jobs that bring us joy – which for all of us is our students.

Several times since August, we have asked our faculty to step back and reflect on the aspect of our profession that brings us joy by asking: What is our why? Why do we teach? See a collection of our faculty’s responses here.This passion for students can be seen in many comments our faculty shared when asked about their first week of classes:
“The students are already blowing me away!”
“My students are determined to make the best of this situation.”
“The freshman class this year is precious and resilient.”
“There are a LOT of adorable pets in Vienna, VA!”
“My students’ energy is inspiring.”
We know that social-emotional learning is key to supporting students during this time, and teachers spent the first weeks of school building relationships with and between students. We will continue to focus on social-emotional student needs through our weekly Care and Connect times: Wednesdays and Fridays during 4th period. Students reflect on their growth, ask questions, share ideas and experiences with their peers, and have time to connect with their teachers for more learning and support.

We are also keeping the goal of Deeper Learning for all students central in everything we plan and do, while making the necessary changes to adapt to these changing learning times and expectations. Deeper Learning goes beyond the surface and provides opportunities for all learners to collaborate and innovate to find meaning and make connections in real-world, relevant, and authentic experiences that unlock our individual passions and collective joy. Throughout the year, we will share stories and examples of Deeper Learning in Action around Madison.

Thank you for all that you do to support our faculty and your students,

Have a Hood Day!

Gregory S. Hood, Principal
James Madison High School
2500 James Madison Drive
Vienna, Virginia  22181
Phone:  703-319-2311
Email: gshood@fcps.edu
Website: http://www.fcps.edu/MadisonHS/